The system is experiencing issues
Digital Ocean issue

At ~1:36am we lost connectivity to our Digital Ocean services in multiple regions. This affected only customer dedicated servers and some of our internal services. As of ~2am this is now resolved.

S580 network issue

Update - We have allocated new IPs for sites on the affected IP. If you do not use our nameservers please login to cpanel to view the new IP needed.

Currently one of the IPs on this system is receiving a traffic flood which is reducing performance. We are investigating.

Past Incidents

24th January 2023 reboot

Update @ 21:35 - This is now resolved. There were multiple issues which required a filesystem check and assistance from Linode to resolve a hung reboot. Apologies again for this unplanned issue however the underlying performance issue is also resolved and we have made available a new, AMD EPYC, NVMe system to migrate data to if preferred, please raise a ticket for further help.

Update @ 19:45 - We are continuing to work with Linode to resolve this. Apologies.

We are rebooting the server in order to resolve the slowness issues that have been occuring. Please bear with us.

17th January 2023

s530.ams8 maintenance

Update @ 13:27 - The system is now back online. Apologies for the issues today. Our datacentre partner performed routine maintenance overnight but encountered a hardware failure which caused further networking issues. Unfortunately this took some time to resolve and we are working with them to understand why.